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Medically Intelligent Chatbot
OSCE.AI is an app that allows medical students to prepare for the OSCE medical exams, by engaging in conversation with AI chatbot patients. It allows its users to take medical history from AI patients, categorized in a variety of different categories, such as Headache, Fever, Weight Loss etc. 



Launched in 2021:




1. Registration Screen

Users get to sign in/register to prepare for OSCE medical exams by engaging in conversions generated by AI Chatbots, representing real-life patients. The registration process also involves connecting your account with different social media handles.

2. AI-based Simulations

Medical students can progress throughout our AI scenarios at their own speed to improve their clinical abilities. These simulations cover an array of medical complications, from simple things such as fever and headaches to abdominal pain or respiratory issues.

3. Personalized Feedback

The feedback functionality allows users to receive instant feedback on their performance with the chatbots. This feedback helps medical students improve their performance while learning through a gamified experience.

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