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Drive Weather

See weather along your route.
The Drive Weather App illustrates the National Weather Service’s forecast showing motorists weather along their route at the expected time they will be at each point on their trip. Drive Weather shows motorists road trip weather, compares weather on different routes, allows drivers to add stops and interactively change departure time to find the safest time to travel.


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Launched in 2020:




Choose Path

Drive Weather takes the uncertainty out of determining where and when adverse weather may occur! It simply displays the prediction for a path depending on scheduled departure. The Drive Weather app displays current weather conditions, wind speed and direction, along with route temperature, and radar.

Weather Forecast

The application allows the user to monitor weather forecasts on their planned route for each point independently. This allows users to have confidence in the numbers and volumes of weather information they need to make informed decisions.

Quick Settings

Users can configure their own weather alerts by toggling between different options such as “definite, likely, and chance. Quick settings also include changing temperature readings from Celsius or Fahrenheit and background colours of the forecast window.


The subscription panel aims to support dynamic purchasing, application ownership, and maintenance models. This also enables real-time oversight, while tracking and managing all subscription bundles.

Weather Icon Legend

The weather icon legend is a new map layer that allows users to view different colours, shapes, and symbols along with their associated weather conditions.

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